Massages & Spa Parties

Relaxing Spa Massage
Supreme stress relief! Light or medium pressure, with optional firm work in your trouble spots, a couple hot stones, and a steam towel foot wrap.
60 minutes $60  ($49)         90 minutes $90  ($69)
Hot Stone Massage
A guest favorite! Slow flowing massage using smooth, heated stones will melt stress, release stiffness, soothe your nerves and bring rejuvenating blood flow to tired muscles. Includes steam towel foot wrap.
60 minutes $80  ($60)         90 minutes $110  ($89)
Pampering Spa Reflexology
This pressure-point foot massage, based on the energy connection between the feet and the internal organs, will stimulate your body’s natural healing processes.
30 minutes $29
Aroma-Raindrop Therapy
Essential Oils are dripped along the spine, followed by a relaxing back massage and hot compress. Choices include Lymphatic Cleanse, Mood Elevation, Stress Remedy, Immune Boost, Pain Relief, or customized with your favorite oils!
30 minutes $29
Infrared Sauna Session
Unwind in Beaute Marque’s beautiful dry sauna (no steam) which boosts the immune system, relaxes tight muscles, detoxifies through perspiration, and speeds your body’s metabolism for an added calorie burn.
Not recommended for pregnant guests.
60 minutes $30 {or $20 with a service}
30 minutes $20 {or $15 with a service}

Small Groups & Spa Parties

“Detox for Two” Share a 30 minute Infrared Sauna session with your bestie, followed by 15 minutes of foot reflexology for each. Includes Aromatherapy. $45

“Birthday Cake” Bring 1 or 2 besties and enjoy sweet cake-themed sessions. Choose mini facials or foot treatments. Total time is 1 hour. $45

“Birthday Cake with Sauna” Get an express Back Facial while your bestie enjoys 30 minutes in the sauna, then we switch & repeat. Total time is 1 hour. $60

“Super Spa Day” Get a 1-hour relaxing massage or facial while your bestie enjoys an hour in the sauna, then we switch & repeat! Total time is 2 hours. $120

Group Policies:

-The spa is a relaxing quiet zone, keep chatting and laughing to a minimum. No children, please.

-Turn off cell phone sounds and ringers

-Headphones must be used with any music or video

-If a member of the group does not arrive, our 24-hour cancelation policy will apply

-All our Spa Policies apply

-All groups and parties must be booked with Jen directly and are not available with online scheduling

Ask Jen about other customized group sessions and Gift Certificates

Frequent Guest Program: To thank you for your positive energy and consistency, prices in parentheses are offered to frequently repeating guests. Due to the large discount, they cannot be combined with other coupons, promotions or special offers.